Cafeteria (Micro Market)


The cafeteria on the Health Sciences Campus is known as the “Micro Market” and can be found in the basement of the A building.

The Micro Market is open 24/7 and serves a variety of prepared sandwiches and salads, grain bowls, frozen entrees and soups, soft drinks, snacks and coffee brewed by the cup from freshly ground whole beans.

The Micro Market also features free WiFi access for use while you enjoy your meal and number of large screen TVs for viewing your favorite television programs.

All items available in the Micro Market will be paid for at the central payment kiosk. Accepted forms of payment will be credit cards, debit cards, or the Prestige pre-paid Micro Market cards. Cash may be used to load your Micro Market cards right at the Micro Market location. Please be aware that security cameras are installed to ensure all food and beverage selections are appropriately paid for.