Scenes from the University at Albany

You are beginning an exciting time in your academic career! Soon you will begin coursework in your chosen concentration and take steps toward a career in public health. With confirmation of your enrollment, you should have received a plan of study. After speaking with your department, you will be able to register for classes and find out the required texts for each of your courses.

Before the start of the semester, you will want to examine your schedule and look up the locations of each of your classes. Almost all of the professors at the School of Public Health utilize Blackboard, a website for posting course content online, and these pages will be important to your success in your coursework. You will also want to note that the schedule of classes, exams, and breaks for the year can be found on the academic calendar.

You may also wish to review the Graduate Student Handbook, the MPH Student Handbook, the requirements for auditing classes or transferring graduate credits, and the details of the academic policies at the School of Public Health.