Graduate Student Handbook

The Graduate Student Handbook  contains information about procedures and requirements to assist faculty and students in the School of Public Health.  It should be used as a supplement to the University’s Graduate Bulletin, the Schedule of Classes, the Faculty Handbook, and other official publications of the University and School of Public Health.

Please note, however, that programs, courses, and requirements do not remain static and are frequently modified. Hence, official publications, including the Graduate Student Handbook, may lag slightly behind recent course revisions.  It is essential that students maintain frequent and close contact with their advisers to ensure that all requirements are met.

The final responsibility for pursuing a successful graduate program, organizing, and concluding its many parts, remains with the student.  Each student has the primary responsibility for being aware of and satisfying the requirements and policies of his/her program.  Students are encouraged to seek advice from their advisors, assistant to the chair, department chair, and professors.  Ultimately, the student is responsible for navigating a successful program schedule to the award of his/her degree.

For a downloadable version of the Graduate Student Handbook, click here.