Applying for NYS Residency

Proof of New York State domicile is based upon an intention to make New York State a permanent home and the existence of facts tending to confirm such intention.  Factors relevant to determining the establishment of New York State as a permanent home include:

  • Residence of parents, spouse and children
  • Place of voter registration
  •  Residence for personal income tax purposes
  •  Financial independence, business pursuits, employment and income sources
  •  Sites of motor vehicle and other personal property registration
  •  Sites of real and personal property

An applicant for New York State resident status for tuition purposes need not prove the existence of all these indices to support their intent, nor is this list exhaustive.  Applications to apply for status as a New York State resident are available in the Office of Student Accounts (CC-G26).  Further information can also be acquired from the Student Accounts website,, or call the Office of Student Accounts at 518-442-3202.