Graduate Assistantships & Fellowships

The School of Public Health Internships and Career Services Office provides students with information about part-time jobs, assistantships, fellowships, and grants which become available during the academic year.   Students are notified of these opportunities via the Internships and Career Services Listserve delivered to your University at Albany email. 

Some graduate assistantships that provide a stipend, and may provide a tuition scholarship, are available for students. Graduate assistants receive stipends in association with assignments in teaching, research, administration, clerical duties or other services.

Graduate assistants are eligible to apply for a tuition scholarship. However, if an assistant leaves or terminates the position prior to the mid-semester date, the tuition scholarship associated with the award is terminated and the student is liable for the tuition charges. Please refer to your department or program regarding details of this program.

In general, teaching assistants are expected to provide their services according to the academic calendar and in addition, to be available to assist in the pre-registration and registration of students and to assist during the examination period when needed. However, graduate assistants in certain administrative offices or departments, or those supported by external funding, may be expected to provide services over the entire period including, possibly, recess, provided this arrangement is understood by the student at the time of appointment.

Doctoral students have opportunities for funding through their academic departments.  Funding for doctoral students varies by semester and by department.  Doctoral students should contact their department directly to inquire about applying for a research, teaching or graduate assistantship.