SPH Graduate Student Organization

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) at the University was formed to identify and protect the rights of graduate students, to advocate for their interests, and to enhance the social, academic, and cultural environment of the University. The Graduate Student Organization Assembly acts as the legislative body of the GSO and is responsible for the allocation of funds, development of policy, and transmission of information from the GSO to its constituents. All graduate students who are enrolled in seven or more course credits and pay the fee are members of the GSO. In addition, each year SPH students are eligible to run for office in the SPH-GSO committee.

At the School of Public Health, there are two SPH-GSO executive boards: one for MPH, MS, and PhD students residing primarily on the East Campus, and another for Biomedical Sciences (BMS) and Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) students located in Wadsworth and other NYSDOH and SUNY Albany lab facilities.

The GSO at the School of Public Health coordinates activities such as community service, workshops, career advisement, and student representation on school governance committees. Students who are interested in actively participating in the SPH-GSO should attend the SPH-GSO open meetings.

For more information regarding the SPH-GSO, please email sphgso@albany.edu.

Organization Officers:

President:  Carlos Resstel

Vice President:  Jenee Russell

Treasurer:  Monroe Marshall

Secretary:  Clarissa Guzman

Public Relations:  Brooke Wyand, Regine Russell

Volunteer Coordinator:  Emily D’Angelo, Christina Hatten

GSA Assembly Rep: Elizabeth Stehenson

Staff Advisors:

Caitlin Reid  cmreid@albany.edu  &  Susan Bernardi Bain  sbernardibain@albany.edu


The BMS/EHS GSO organizes social and career building activities as well. For detailed information please visit their website www.be-gso.com or the Facebook group “BMS/EHS Graduate Student Organization”. Students in the BMS and/or EHS department will also receive e-mails from the GSO. Students interested in participating in the organizing process are welcome to join the monthly meetings.