Albany ID Card (SUNYcard)

Your SUNYCard allows access to many services on campus, including bus services and library services. 

Follow these steps to ensure your SUNYCard can be delivered to the School of Public Health before orientation, so that you can receive it at the orientation.

This will need to be completed by August 14th. If you do not complete these steps by the required date, you will have to go to the Uptown Campus to obtain your SUNYCard.

1. Visit
2. Click on “CLICK HERE to access”.
3. Login with NETID & Password
4. Select submit photo ID and follow instructions to upload a current photo for production

You will need to provide an official form of photo identification (e.g. driver’s license or passport) to receive your ID Card at the School of Public Health orientation.

For more valuable information about your ID Card, please click here.