Health Center

The University Health Center (UHC), 518-442-5454, provides medical service for the University community during the academic year, Monday – Friday, 9:00am until 5:30pm, and Saturday 12:00pm until 3:30pm. The UHC is located at 400 Patroon Creek Blvd, Albany, NY.

Other important information regarding services provided, policies and directions to the Health Center can be found at

Required Immunizations

Important immunization requirements for students attending UAlbany are found at

The Required Immunization and Health Information Form should be completed before July 1st. (Please note, this is not required for students registered for 6 credits or less, Online MPH students, or Certificate Program students.)

Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center, 518-442-5800, has psychologists on staff to provide free counseling on a confidential basis to students who feel a need for these services. In addition, there is a hotline run by students that is accessible from noon to midnight on Monday through Thursday and 24 hours on Friday and Saturday, 518-442-5777.

Health Insurance

The required student health insurance provides in-patient services in the Health Center, prescriptive and non-prescriptive medications of in-stock medications, and on-site lab work. Excluded from the plan are allergy injections, international travel immunizations, and off-campus services. Students may enroll in the optional Student Health Insurance Plan by checking the appropriate box on the payment invoice. Inquiries regarding this plan may be made at the Insurance Office located in the Health & Counseling Services building at 400 Patroon Creek Boulevard.

Student Accident and Sickness Insurance is an optional program that is underwritten by the Equitable Assurance Society of the United States for undergraduate and graduate students and their dependents. This policy complements the student health insurance and provides coverage for the cost of up to $2,000 per illness or accident for off-campus physicians and surgeons, hospitalization, laboratory tests, and use of an ambulance. More specific information on both these programs is available through the Student Insurance Service Office, 518-437-4700.

Health Clinic and Provided Services Orientation Presentation

For more information on the health center and health insurance, please review the Health Center Orientation Presentation.