MyUAlbany is a University-wide online source used for scheduling classes, managing financial aid and tuition payments, coordinating housing and parking issues, as well as organizing many other components of University life.

My UAlbany can be accessed directly at or by clicking on the “MyUAlbany” link at the top of University at Albany homepage .

Student ID Number & NetID

The University issues new students a NetID and PIN number.  The NetID is used to log on to MyUAlbany and access your school email account.  From MyUAlbany, you can access your class schedule, personal information, manage your student account and accept financial aid.   The PIN number is the initial password used for these services, which should later be changed by the student.

All students are assigned a 9 digit student ID number, which is used in place of the Social Security Number.  The 9 digit student ID number can be found on your MyUAlbany account.  International students who are receiving an assistantship should be aware that the number they are assigned upon arrival by the University is only a temporary ID number until an actual Social Security Number is obtained.

UAlbany Email

It is the policy of the University at Albany that email is an official means of communication with students. This policy pertains to all students and stipulates that the University can convey relevant academic and administrative information to targeted student populations using their UAlbany email account.

All students receive a University email account when they become eligible to enroll for classes, and it is retained for one year after their last active registration. Students are responsible for checking their email account regularly so as not to miss important, time-sensitive, University communications. The full policy is available at

Steps to set up your UAlbany Email:

Step 1: Set your password and obtain your NetID

  • Go to and select the Password Set/Reset button.
  • Follow the instructions to create a complex password. Your PIN was sent to you in an email after your enrollment.
  • When you successfully complete this process, a confirmation message with your NetID will be displayed.
  • Protect your UAlbany electronic credentials. Please do not share your PIN or password with anyone. The University will never ask you for your password.

Step 2: Login to MyUAlbany

  • Go to and select STUDENT LOG ON.
  • When prompted, enter your NetID and password to login to MyUAlbany.
  • You’ll use the MyUAlbany portal to register for classes, access financial aid, housing information and much more.

Step 3: Access UAlbany Mail

  • In MyUAlbany, select UAlbany Mail under Student Services
  • The University uses email as an official means of communication with students. All messages will be sent to your UAlbany Mail account.
  • Your UAlbany Mail address is based on your first initial and last name, followed by  A middle initial or number is sometimes added to your email address if there are multiple students with the  same last name.  Your email address is listed in MyUAlbany in Demographic Data > email addresses.
  • The UAlbany Mail link is also available at or

In order to facilitate constant contact with your UAlbany email account and not miss important messages, you may wish to have your UAlbany email messages forwarded to your preferred email account. Visit your email host for instructions on how to set up email forwarding to your account.

Need Help?

If you need assistance accessing IT Services, please contact the ITS HelpDesk by submitting an online Help request or calling (518) 442-3700. For more information about IT services, visit the ITS website.